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Stussy World Tour T-shirt White

Stussy World Tour T-shirt White

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The Stussy World Tour T-shirt White commemorates some of the world’s capitals by imprinting New York, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, and London in enlarged black font on its front.

The cuffs and hem of this t-shirt have an inward folded border with double stitch lines. Additionally, this 100% cotton tee features a ribbed crewneck. Its front starts with a bold Stussy signature stretching across the yoke. A list of city names follows, covering much of the body. The back adopts a similar design, but instead of world style leaders, it displays the names of streetwear strongholds, such as Venice, Bronx, Brooklyn, Santa Ana, and Compton, below the brand logo.

Our experts like the screen-printed city names on the back and front of the Stussy World Tour T-shirt White. Their spirited fonts freshen a classic crewneck tee and tell the story of the resilience of streetwear. The t-shirt’s release date was April 23rd, 2021 with a $40 retail price.

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